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last updated 16.iv.2020



bringing greetings cards & cheer

to those tackling the virus



​​"Wow! Jonny, they are beautiful.   I love them.

I feel very emotional just thinking about the positive impact this will have." 

Geraldine Cunningham, Associate Director,

Organisational Development Team, Barts Health NHS Trust

The project is very simple, simple as abc...

It's called "Art-Brings-Cheer".

I'm simply organising cards to be distributed to hospitals & care homes coping with the virus onslaught, especially for staff to whom the future must seem like a very long stretch ahead.

The cards will be by all sorts of artists but must adhere to a cheery theme, especially plants, flowers & nature.   They will be there for the thousands of staff who need to pen thank-you's and messages across their place of work.  Thanks go especially to Geraldine at the Staff Welbeing Hub at Barts, who leapt upon the idea hours after I approached the Trust. 

Now, we're full steam ahead, with two hospitals and two care homes receiving cards, and five sponsors, all in ten days.

These are our first two, printed in the week of 14th April.


The focus is merely to bring cheer to people who could certainly & exceptionally do with it right now.

We started with Barts Health NHS Trust, which embraces over 6 hospitals including NHS Nightingale London and if the idea catches on, it can easily be extended to other hospitals all over the country.

I'm asking individuals to put up 120 for which we get 500 cards but we can manage with less, or more!   Sponsors will be asked to transfer their donation directly to the printer.   We have no other expense to cover.

In a remote 'from home' manner, the whole thing will operate quite simply: I shall send the artwork to the printer, he'll print, and deliver to the assigned recipient at the relevant hospital.

If they wish, the sponsor can have their name on the back of the card, along with the details of the artist & picture of course.

If you are a potential sponsor wishing to fund a batch of cards, contact me here!

For a page giving sponsorship details, click here.

If you are an artist wishing to contribute, do so here!

And if you represent another hospital or trust interested in the idea, drop me a line here.

That's it, as simple as abc.


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